love list

a few current loves:
  • bougainvillea. my neighborhood is bursting with these magenta blooms and subsequently, so is my instagram feed.
  • our amazing pediatrician and dr. sears' "the vaccine book," for helping us determine the best vaccination plan for our daughter. i mentioned before that it's nearly impossible to find a pediatrician in all of los angeles that doesn't insist on the full schedule of vaccines. no judgement on anyone else, but that is just so not for us.
  • two new recipes: quinoa stuffed squash and sweet potato & black bean chili. cheap, easy, vegan, awesome.
  • SocialJerk blog. the anonymous author is a social worker in new york city who blogs about her work. she's smart, sharp and a hilarious writer and the fact that i've devoured a year of the blog's archives in about one day, on a subject i'm not even interested in? yeah, that good.
  • facetime. seriously, how did grandparents survive without this invention? mila has four in ohio and two down in san diego and it's awesome they can see her so easily. 
  • erin wasson on thecoveteur.com. #girlcrush
  • scott walking into the room and asking, "how are my girls?" my girls. i melt over that one.
  • coachblkrwomen on instagram. (coach = handbag brand, blkr = bleecker st) it makes me want to move to new york city, wear giant cocktail rings and drink fancy cocktails at hipster restaurants. so, nothing new. really though, it's a super cute feed.
  • the new "weekend reading" column on kathleen's blog. i'm tethered to a book or my iphone during mila's feedings so i've been reading now more than ever. the links she shares are always something i'm interested in.
  • timercam app and happy accidents from it, including the picture above.
  • that la leche league gave me the okay to pour myself a glass of red wine.


  1. You should check out Fosterhood - a 30-something single foster mom. She is amazing! http://fosterhood.tumblr.com/

    1. yes, I read fosterhood as well! I found it back when dooce.com linked to it. I started on page 1 and read all the way thru the jacket saga I also like fosterwee for their very humorous yet tender writing.

  2. Love this post.
    Just bookmarked the blog and that picture is adorable.

  3. Ah, I'm delighted to be on this love list! You and Mila are clearly a perfect fit right there. XO

  4. Jessie! I haven't visited your space in far too long and I see that much has changed! I am so happy for you & Scott & Mila. and excited for your new adventure! You have a beautiful family :) xoxo