i've been meaning to write this post now for weeks on end, which kind of is the perfect example of why i'm writing: i've decided to stop blogging.

i went back to work when mila was 8 weeks old. i snuck in two posts before i figured out something had to give. obviously, having a baby plays a huge role in this decision. i'm on go-go-go mode for nearly 15 hours a day and in the few leftover hours, before i force myself to sleep so i don't feel like complete shit the next day, i'm trying to keep up with our home life, look for a house (yes, we've finally begun to outgrow this sweet apartment of ours), advance my career, bring the sexy back to my marriage and tackle project life. that doesn't even include all things that go along with pumping breast milk or the mass cooking projects on sundays to stock up my freezer or the need to get back on the computer and catch up on the work i missed by ducking out at 5:30pm on the dot from work. and oh yeah, i'm apparently supposed to do something about these last 7 pounds stuck on me and i don't think eating a tub of almond dream bites every week is that thing.

it's just too much for me.

i don't want to blame this on working motherhood though. this isn't a "woe is me," ending. it's a "wow for me!" transition point. i'm a new person. motherhood has changed me and boy, oh boy has it changed what my daily life looks like. i'm sad i can't do it all, but i'm happy to lighten my load by shedding this blog as a daily "to-do." i loved it and it was hard to make this decision, but i'm now ready to let it go.

i'm leaving this blog up for those who have bookmarks or pinterest pins leading here. i thought that would be helpful. plus, there isn't a single post i'd want to wipe away. these are cherished memories and cherised words. i love social media down to my bones so you can be certain i will not be shrinking back from twitter or instagram (or even pinterest for that matter) any time soon. those sites give me the ability to share in a very quick and managable way and i love them for that.

thank you for reading and commenting on my blog over the years. the connections i've made over the internet are magic.

i'm looking forward to returning to blogging when the time is right.

xo, jessica


  1. Oh no! This seriously breaks my heart since you're one of my favourite bloggers. That said, I totally understand and respect your choice and hope your life will ease up a bit. You're a superhero and I'm amazed by your hard work and busy days. All the best to you and your family!

  2. i love reading about your life adventures and i do hope you return to this space at some point. until then, may life be simple, sweet, and full of love. xox *

  3. i understand. will miss you in this space! :)

  4. I've certainly enjoyed reading your blog off and on for the last few years, but really respect your decision. Much love. xx.

  5. I'll miss your blog- love love love reading it, but believe me, I understand! I pretty much stopped blogging regularly when I became a mom. Love seeing updates on instagram!

  6. ahhh...all my favorite bloggers are stopping one by one :( i totally understand though. i kept with my blog through my son's first year & then i just couldn't do it anymore. i wish you all the best & at least get to keep up with you through instagram!!

  7. This makes me really sad. You were one of the first bloggers I started to read. But I also understand. I stopped blogging after my son was born.

  8. i'll miss your blog posts but since i follow on instagram it's okay!
    almond dream bites are great! you should try the silk soy yogurt, i LOVE making breakfast parfaits :)